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MeshRemote for Mac is a companion  application  for MeshRemote for iOS device. It allows you to remote control the iPod music library on an iOS device(iPhone,iPad,iPod touch) from a Mac. The iOS device must  be running the MeshRemote app for iOS .


Download User Guide for Mesh Remote Mac(PDF)

Facebook page for MeshRemote

Response to reviews in the Mac App Store

- Reviewer: Appreview115. 
Thanks for the positive review.
   1) The app does support section index. Just press the alphanumeric key in any screen which displays audio items and it takes you to the section corresponding to the pressed 
   2) The app does support search functionality. Just press keyboard shortcut ⌘ F  to open the search screen. Will put up a search button on the screen in the next update. 
   3)  You can go to the browser home screen from any screen which displays audio items by clicking on the blue colored half home button. But your suggestion to include icons for albums,podcasts etc on the bottom of the screen is a good one. Will make sure that an update has that feature.


The following operations can be done on a iPod music library on a compatible iOS device running MeshRemote app from a Mac running MeshRemote 
-Play,Pause,Next, Previous 
-Volume control
-Set repeat mode and shuffle 
-View the current playback queue associated with the currently playing item and choose to play items in that playback queue (OR) View items associated with the currently playing item depending on the context. Refer to the user guide available at the app support website for more details 
- Search functionality( keyboard shortcut  ⌘ F)
- Item index functionality( Just press an alphanumeric key on the keyboard and the items scroll to show the corresponding item section)
- Quick switch from any  screen which displays audio item to the browser home screen to choose a different category of items. Just click the blue half home button available in all screens which display audio items.

The following elements of the music library in the controlled device is visible in the remote controller 
-Audio Books 
-Album art of currently playing/paused item 
-Items related to the currently playing items.  

  • Mac  with OS X Lion (10.7) or above
  • Network  with Wi-Fi capabilities to allow the iPhone, iPod or iPad to communicate with the Mac running MeshRemote
  • Network which allows UDP broadcasts on a port specified in the MeshRemote app settings. This port is user configurable. 
Refer to MeshRemote user guide for iOS devices to check the requirements for MeshRemote for iOS. The guide can be downloaded here 

- Smart Playlists generated by the system may not function as expected if  the playlist is as dynamic as "Recently Played" or "Top rated".
-You cannot remote control items from the shared library in the controlled device