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EZSwitch is a Mac status bar application which allows you to shutdown, restart or put your Mac(OSX Snow Leopard or above) to sleep with a user configurable delay time.  It also allows you to cancel or change the operation within the user configurable delay time.  For example, if the delay time is configured as 10 seconds and the user initiates a sleep, within the ten seconds the user can change his mind and cancel the sleep or change the operation to a shutdown or a restart. The delay also provides the user the opportunity to exit their computer desk without accidentally waking up the computer through the keyboard or mouse.

What's New in Version 1.3

- Application has been sandboxed 
- Added ability to fast switch to login window. Feature can be activated through hotkey.
- Delay time field is editable through keyboard

What's New in Version 1.2

-Added hot key support for sleep, shutdown and restart. The modifier keys are not user configurable and are fixed to be Option+Command. EZSwitch will not allow any standard System wide keyboard shortcuts to be overridden even if it is currently disabled in system preferences/Keyboard. A help window will guide the user when configuring the hot keys for EZSwitch. The user will have to press the modifier keys while configuring a hot key even though the modifiers are fixed. 

- Added a preference setting to automatically launch EZSwitch at system login. By default, the automatic launch of EZSwitch is disabled. The user has to specifically enable this option in the preference window of EZSwitch.

-Added some aesthetic refinement to the user interface.

Version History
04/06/2012 - Version 1.3 approved. Live on Mac Appstore
09/08/2011 - Version 1.2 approved. Live on Mac Appstore
08/31/2011 - Version 1.2 sent for Mac Appstore approval. 
08/24/2011 - Version 1.1 approved. Will be live in Appstore in 24 hours 
08/17/2011 - Version 1.1 sent for Mac Appstore Review 
08/11/2011 - Version 1.0 released in Mac Appstore




Please feel free to leave feedback on whats right and whats not right about this app. Recommendations for new app functionality from the users is very much appreciated. Please e-mail your feedback to .

Download from Mac Appstore


How to make set the hot keys for EZSwitch

1)  Click on the EZSwitch icon on the menubar . If you don't see it , you are not running the EZSwitch app.

2) Go the preference window by clicking on   

3) Mouse click on the edit field corresponding the to hot key  you want to assign. In the example below, the area for "Sleep" is shown.

4) Now hold the COMMAND key AND the OPTION(ALT) key and then press a key on the keyboard you want to assign as the third key  in the hot key combination. The first two keys should always be COMMAND+OPTION.
5) You should see the key your choose appear in the edit field.Thats it!  The hot key has been assigned to the chosen operation. You can repeat the procedure for the other operations(shutdown,restart, login).