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MeshRemote is a universal iOS app which allows you to remote control the iPod music library on an iOS device(iPhone,iPad,iPod touch) from another iOS device(iPhone,iPad, iPod touch) or from a Mac  through your WiFi network.  The companion Mac application can be downloaded from Mac App Store. 


Download User Guide for Mesh Remote(PDF)

Response to reviews in the App Store

- Reviewer: Appreview115. 
Thanks for the positive review.

   "It would be nice to be able to see the progress of the song playing and know how much is left etc."
This functionality is already supported by the app. Just open up the now playing screen inside the browser and touch the album art. The app will display a screen which shows the progress and also all the context items associated with the currently playing item.  You can even play the context items or change the progress. You can also swipe right from this screen to look at the description/comments of the currently playing item. The app  has a detailed user guide which can be downloaded from this web site. 

   "I want to be able to control which song is playing on my iPod through my iPod as well as through my macbook"
There is limited support for this. You can pause,play, change audio route, go to next track or go to previous track from the device which is being controlled. This functionality can be accessed from the now playing screen in the AppHome screen of the iPod/iPhone/iPad whose music library is being controlled. Will try to add more control in the next update.

   "it would be nice if the iPod could be locked and the screen off and the app still running."
Thanks. Will incorporate this functionality in the next update.

The following configurations are possible 
- Device A can control music library on Device B 
- Device A and Device B can control the music library on Device C at the same time 
- Device A can control the music library in Device B and vice versa at the same time 

The following operations are possible from the device acting as a remote controller. 
-Play,Pause,Next, Previous 
-Volume control 
-select audio route on the device who's music library is being remote controlled. 
-View the current playback queue associated with the currently playing item and choose to play items in that playback queue (OR) View items associated with the currently playing item depending on the context. Refer to the user guide available at the app support website for more details 

The following elements of the music library in the controlled device is visible in the remote controller 
-Audio Books 
-Album art of currently playing/paused item 
-Items related to the currently playing items. Refer to User Guide for more details 

The app supports portrait and upside down portrait . 

- iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running iOS 4.3 or above 
- Wi-Fi network 
- Network which allows UDP broadcasts on a port specified in the MeshRemote app settings. This 
port is user configurable. 
- All requirements apply to the device whose music library is being controlled and the device 
acting as a remote controller 
- A Mac running MeshRemote app(can be downloaded from Mac App Store) if remote control functionality from a a Mac is needed.

- Smart Playlists generated by the system may not function as expected if  the playlist is as dynamic as "Recently Played" or "Top rated".
-You cannot remote control items from the shared library in the controlled device 
-You cannot have the system music player (iPod music player) connected to a shared library and running in the background in the controlled device when MeshRemote is running. Remote control function will not work as expected in this case. 

Screen shot for the Mac version of MeshRemote

MeshRemote for Mac is an  app which can be used from a Mac to remote control the music library of an iOS device running MeshRemote for iOS.  More details here.

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